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Recensioni dei dipendenti Adecco per Phlebotomist - Ashburn, VA

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The team lead was most wonderful and successful at get rid of anyone she did not like, unfortunately the main person in charge was not there enough to see all the unprofessional activities. This main person was easily manipulated by the team lead. There are 2 out of 12 truly respectable team players on board. I wish them well! This was the most undesirable work experience, at times it was definitely hostile in the beginning around July and it seems that The Team Lead had a list of people to get rid of and she did. The team lead was constantly exaggerating and creating drama, and the main person in charge was barely there. I strongly disagree with this being a great place to work this was definitely not a team that was fully on board. What can you expect if there is in adequate foundation . Midway through, about 11 staff members were hired and the Team Lead constantly feels threatened by anyone that joins. This would’ve been a great opportunity, nevertheless it was used as a great steppingstone. Lessons have been learned, if you consider applying make sure that you have a strong core value and watch yourself so that you do not get set up for failure. Good luck in your future endeavors!!!
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Occasionally water was bought but it was mostly a couple staff that brought it in
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The hours were Not accurate 4:30am start time was NOT in the contract
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