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In the last 2 years I have worked in the technical accounting office of Assicurazioni Generali Spa. I was in the reinsurance sector, and my job involved a lot of responsibilities and many duties: - control agreements and reconciliations of situations of credit and debit transactions with brokers. I have the responsibility of about 10 brokers; - management premiums and claims, operate premium payments or cash claims, often with considerable amount (millions of euro); - sending detailed reports and balances of open situations with brokers, and development of strategic plans for goods solutions of open issues; - recovery the documentation required to manage and resolve problems blocked, as claims to be collected etc ... For better explain my job: the various Generali's commercial offices recorded in accounting all the premiums and claims, often incorrectly, confusing and inaccurate. With the brokers I continuous had exchange of information, technical accounts, bordeaux, all about situation of the policies, the premiums payable, claims to cash, documents required to unlock difficult situations, balances, etc ... The sectors that I was in charge were transport, fire and aviation, but it's happened several times to control other areas such as life, outward and inward. For do correctly the job I was necessary to have high knowledge of accounting, mathematics and information technology. I used and specialized in accounting software SAP, and also develop personal subroutine of calculation and management. I also perfected my programming skills in VBA using Excel to quickly process - altro...
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