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CPE Italia S.p.A is a private company founded in 1978 and based in Italy at Milan, started his activity as trading company in the Telecommunication and in the Installing sectors, subsequently expanded his own know how in the sectors of Defense, Broadcasting, Communication Infrastructure, Medical, Transports, Institutes of Nuclear Physics (INFN and – altro... CERN), Oceanographic Installations, Power.

Today CPE Italia S.p.A is a specialized company in harness cables of any kind, from the most complex to the most critical to be obtained in terms of performances, being of very high frequency or very high pressure and can count on internal design competences capable to develop customized connectors with a very high level of complexity, for sectors like the Military, with a profound and specialized knowledge.

Thanks to the experience and the competences of the 19 Partner Companies CPE Italia S.p.A is capable to offer a wide range of solutions to the many typical problems of the connections CPE Italia is a global company and dynamic and this is evidenced by the opening of factories in Romania, China and Brazil and sales offices in India and USA.
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