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Tutto su ERG

ERG Africa (ERGA) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eurasian Resources Group, a leading diversified natural resources producer and forms a key part of the group’s long-term international growth strategy. Eurasian Resources Group has a portfolio of production assets and development projects in 14 countries crossing four continents, and is represented by – 

Committed to sustainable growth

ERGA is committed to creating the conditions for sustainable growth in its communities. It invests significantly in education and in 2016 supported 17 schools, trained 180 teachers and provided education for around 9,000 children. Eurasian Resources Group has further partnered with international foundation Good Shepherd Sisters to fund the Bon Pasteur Alternative Livelihood programme that improves living conditions for women and children in central Africa.

Launch of Global Battery Alliance

At the inaugural World Economic Forum Sustainable Development Impact Summit in New York City on 18-19 September 2017, representatives from international businesses and organisations including Eurasian Resources Group officially launched the Global Battery Alliance. The Alliance is dedicated to ensuring that there is an ethical and sustainable global supply chain for the lithium-ion batteries that help power the Fourth Industrial Revolution and a low carbon economy.

Participatory Rural Appraisal

In order to facilitate sustainability, ERGA has adopted a participatory rural appraisal system. Local communities identify their problems and compile an action plan to overcome them. The community votes for its own socio-economic development committee and four sub-committees are formed to tackle issues related to water, agriculture, women and education. The community development committee then decides what the community can do by itself and where it could benefit from assistance.