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Here at Flex, we are a forward-thinking team of global innovators who partner with the world’s most pioneering brands to bring revolutionary products to life through our innovative Sketch-to-Scale® solutions. Leveraging our fully-integrated system of capabilities and core technologies, we co-innovate with industry leaders, that rely on us, to carry – altro... their ideas through the entire product lifecycle, including concept design, rapid prototyping, IP protection, manufacturing and supply chain, distribution, and logistics.

The world is changing. Flex is ready.

Over the past 40 years, Flex has evolved from a contract manufacturer to an electronics manufacturing services organization and now to an original design and end-to-end product development innovator. In this new era of rapid transition and transformation, or as we call it The Age of Intelligence™, Flex is well-positioned to help our customers capitalize on the opportunities that arise from this transformative period- Changing the way we live, work, and play through intelligent, disruptive technologies.
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