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GEA – „engineering for a better world“ GEA is one of the largest suppliers for the food processing industry and a wide range of other industries that generated consolidated revenues of approximately EUR 4.9 billion in 2019. The international technology group focuses on process technology, components and sustainable energy solutions for sophisticated – 

People of GEA: That ‘GEA feeling’

Yes, our employees are great people and we are not ashamed to say this because they make GEA what it is. And what makes them even greater is that they go that extra mile every day, in a pleasant, collaborative atmosphere. With an open mindset and respect for each other, working hard to achieve their goals together. That’s what makes working at GEA so unique. But why not listen to what they have to say?

People of GEA: Growing together

GEA offers exciting growth opportunities. Whether through growing with the job, working with the best minds in the industry of training and development opportunities GEA offers – chances are numerous!

People of GEA: Collaborating with colleagues around the globe

GEA has employees in locations all around the world. Naturally they don’t just work in their own country. Our employees learn a lot from each other by working across borders to tackle issues together. We have asked the people of GEA what it means to them.

People of GEA: Working for a technology leader

Pride. That is the overarching sentiment that shines through when employees discuss our technology. And they’re right to be proud, because GEA is one of the world’s leading engineering companies offering innovative solutions for sophisticated production processes. We have asked the people of GEA what excites them about working with the state-of-the-art technologies GEA creates and seeing them have a positive impact on people’s daily lives.