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Marsh & McLennan Companies operates through four subsidiaries. Marsh specializes in insurance broking and risk management; Mercer is a collection of consulting and services firms in the areas of talent, health, retirement, and investment; Guy Carpenter offers risk and reinsurance intermediary services; and Oliver Wyman features management, economic, – altro... and brand strategy consulting. The company provides advice, analysis, and transactional capabilities to clients in over 130 countries around the world.

Marsh & McLennan Companies offers many perks for employees, including a "full nurse's office," "lots of great lunch options at the cafeteria, "car service home if you become ill at work," and "free dinner from local delivery restaurants if you work past 7 on any day." The company also provides a pension plan on top of 401(k) matching, as well as the ability to work from home, depending on the position.

Employees find that management at the company is "extremely supportive," and there are "many opportunities to work with other teams on projects." However, Marsh & McLennan Companies is "a large organization," and "while this brings opportunities, it can also make it difficult to move to different positions."
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