Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority (MARTA)
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Nasty people and buildings

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All of these people on here giving reviews have high paying positions. There is no room for growth if they don’t like you, how you move up is about how much you kiss up. With the cost of living what services workers make averages out to minimum wages and if you are a service worker they want to keep you as that. I really can’t stomach when people don’t tell the truth in their reviews. The homeless have taken over the trains and stations no assistance from the transit police and when you call them for help they just end up letting the individuals who were being violent and disrespectful to the employees ride the system with no consideration for our safety. The break rooms are rat and roach infested unlike the one at headquarters which is very nice. The truth is were over worked under payed and unappreciated. We don’t know how to stand together cause were to busy telling management on one another that’s Marta work environment.

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You have a job

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great place to work

Great Supervisor, Department worked as a Team/Family. Call Center phone line can become long. Co worker looked out for each other. The hardest part of the job lack of communication coming from the Dispatch Supervisor and not answering their landlines.
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