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Stressante ma almeno pagato bene. Contratto di pochi mesi.
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Ageist and don’t appreciate enthusiastic people

So I had a interview here not too long ago, which I excelled in and I received a invite back for a mock shift. I did really well in this shift even sold a handbag.I was enthusiastic promoted the company’s values embodied them too, I believe I made the customers very happy in their experience in the store as they were giving me praises uncalled for. I noticed the other workers weren’t so bothered about the company’s work environment none seemed happy at all which put me off to a certain degree. I was asked my age by one of the employees which I found absurd, as I had stated it on my job application and at the interview,so it came across very much ageist. So what I’m trying to get across by this is that don’t let anyones ageist comments dictate wether you can do something effectively, I was passionate and manifested making the store a better environment and I could’ve been the perfect sales assistant but this company/store did not see past my age.The ethos of this store is not there !!! Gave a depressing aura too.

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As stated in my description
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Cool perks

Great benefit perks for anyone that doesn't want to leave a company. Always late to work and no one says anything totally okay with managers slavlomg off

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its a retail job

It's a good place to work, and you don't have to take your work home with you. Management is nice, but you have to learn a lot of things on your own.
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Great workplace

Such a great supportive team I currently work with, such an amazing adventure, and experience working here honestly couldn't fault anything with the company. Just amazing!
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Productive, culture, fast pace.

I only worked for the holidays in 2019. But the team was great and the management I met were positive and helpful. Typical retail around the holidays kind of experience. I’m sure if I stayed they would have wanted me to excel in the company.

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They give you lot of hours during the holidays

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Retail, work on holidays and weekends
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Fun environment, good training

Cool place to work, always something to do or learn, but mostly part-time hiring. A few perks that are nice, but not a lot of benefits. A few too many managers, who are all nice, but sometimes they'll say opposite things.

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Employee discount, free piece of wardrobe at specific times

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Not a lot of benefits, mostly part-time
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Fun environment, good quality products.

overall good job for energetic or talkative people, easier retail work, fun for holidays, hourly/salary pay, good employee store discount for products.
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No incentive

When you cut your employees pay and take commission away. You can’t really expect your employees to feel motivated and sell for you . Management is fair , and you build great’s relationships with people you work with. And listen i get that the cuts were to save the business during this pandemic. But… to take both away… shame. Its like meet me in the middle here.

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Flexible hours, fun people, fun brand.

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Decent at best.

Working as a associate you are in charge of selling the products on the floor while trying to build clientele. This was something that I felt I excelled in and ended up being a Sales Leader by the time I resigned. This company is very number based, meaning when looking to promote people or fill higher positions, they only care who brings in the most revenue. 
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Super entreprise

super culture d'entreprise, environnement dynamique et évolutif
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Overall Great Place to Work

I work with really smart people & for the most part get along really well with all my coworkers. There are leadership members that have been there for 10+ years that have not evolved with the company. Their mindsets are still very much as if Michael Kors is a start up brand. It can be difficult as they create unnecessary spin for the people who are actually executing the work. This happens more often then it should. They need to trust in the people they have hired to make the right decisions instead of micro-managing at such a high level.

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great people, fair salaries, awesome perks like generous PTO and sample sales

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corporate politics, very old leadership team, puts company first before employees
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Training was great and perks are good

The training was thorough and you get some good perks in terms of wearing the clothes as your uniform. Manager I worked under was wonderful but some coworkers were tricky to work with. Overall job was good, could have been paid better but you can’t expect much from retail.

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Free clothes every month

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Short breaks, low pay
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Productive friendly workplace

Enjoyed working at Michael Kor well as my coworkers and staff for a joy to work with helpful and encouraging as a team. Motivating work environment training and skill Builder..
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The free wardrobe was definitely my favorite thing, the poor rate of pay was ridiculous.

I loved this company, however the pay was terrible! They definitely train employees on how to sell. They made learning fun, and rewarded you handsomely with items from the store.
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Great people but could have handled pay better.

Almost everyone you work with is great from associates to the VP. Customers can be mean and expectations high because it's a luxury brand. Management took a 20% paycut because of Covid and was given it back a year later as a "raise".

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Great people from associates up to VP, wardrobed clothes and shoes, great discount.

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Minimal to no pay increase, working weekends and almost every holiday
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Great environment in the right store

Lovely place to work if you’re looking for a relatively easy career. Growth is there for sure if you work hard enough. Management can be really cruel in some locations, you have to pick your store wisely.
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Horrible company and total burnout

Horrific company, culture, management, work/life balance… only have cons to say about working here. If you use one review use this one, RUN AWAY NOW IT IS NOT WORTH THE “LUXURY” EXPERIENCE. The individual contributors were truly the only ones that cared about your growth. Management was catty and everything felt like a mean girl clique.
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Good for teenagers needing a job in high school

You don't get many hours and the pay Is really low. We did get a discount on items and you were almost pressured to buy and wear their clothing to work. Michael Kors is easy to sell because most people already know the brand. Decent quality. Managers didn't really train that well so the newcomers were left to figure it out on their own. The store was never really that busy.

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Employee discount

Aspetti negativi

low work hours, low pay, not a busy store
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Too much work.

The job was a decent first job. I did learn a lot about the work force and got some good experience. However, the pay did not much work. You get very under pay.
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Competitive but fun

Sales are fun and employees are friendly. I really enjoy building relationships with my clients. Sometimes the competitiveness pushed by managers is annoying since we're not paid on commission.
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