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small company

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Millionaire had small cabinet shop, it took on small aircraft interior needing to be updated. Cabinets/partitions needed to removed from A/C and document removal. From there we took the monuments stripped them down to the bare material and covered with customer approved material.
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Fun place

Fun and exciting place to wirk got to meet a lot of interesting people and learn a lot of new things overall greatcppace to work , the manager was a little strange
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Great first job.

This was a great stepping stone experience for me. I enjoyed my time there. Since I was recently out of college, I was able to learn a lot from everyone.
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This was a great place to work for and I really enjoyed refueling the different types for aircraft. I also enjoyed working with fuel. I am a hard worker and each day had new challenges and that is what I liked the most
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I can gain more experience

According to the market this Co have good exposer and good will in clients majority customers are satisfied from job. I want to improve my skills and professional calibre. And also get good financial support from the CO in terms of salary
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Its a callcentre of postoffice of emirates post. Attending calls of customers and handling them politely, had met many type of people from different countries. Did telephonic projects and had gud experience on international brands

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Good encouragement by employers

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Too many projects
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Really Enjoyed the Work and the fast pace

Typical day would include running after many Aircraft to park in the right place, fueling them and assisting pilots and passengers, learned how to fuel and park aircraft. Ins and Outs of a Busy airport. thre hardest part of the job was when the weather got bad. and the most enjoyable part of the job was when a pilot was having trouble and being able to help and make there day better

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Working outside, being around Avation, the fast paced work

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no Benifits and pay was alright
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great inviroment

pretty laid back, and can be enjoyable. not many co-workers. not a hard job just be alert and safe. have time to do homework from college.
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