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Life at Reply

Hi there! How are you? This is Reply. This is the place to meet an incredible variety of enthusiastic, passionate, ideas-driven people who want to make a difference and an impact. And have fun doing it! We’re building the #LifeAtReply community: each day we ask Replyers to share something about their work, to show us their offices, or what they’ve learned. Our challenge is to help you discover the real Reply life, told by the ones who know it best – the Replyers themselves. Knowledge sharing programmes, hackathons, networking events, and internal and external challenges are just some of the initiatives we’ve created to help you grow with us. Want to find out more? Have a look at the sections below to discover more and enjoy our feed on Instagram. Follow us on social media (@replyulabs) and discover the #LifeAtReply feed!

Lifelong Learning Programme - Hackathons, Webinars, Labcamps and more!

Reply’s world is pretty wide, it takes some time to see all opportunities for your development, which you can find mainly on our Enterprise Social Network. What is it? TamTamy is where you can find daily contributions from all over the company, knowledge sharing at its best. It’s conversational, but it’s also the main tool for your daily routine at work, where you can share all your documents and information with the team. But, is this knowledge-sharing thing only digital? Good point. Nope, it’s a lifelong learning programme composed by digital experiences and physical events. You can start with a Labcamp: a hands-on seminar held in Reply offices, generally at the end of a working day and dedicated to a brand new tech topic. We have more than 70 Labcamps every year with 1000 attendees. Or, you can take part to a Bootcamp, same format as the Labcamp, but held all day long, increasing the training and the co-working component. You can jump on board and if you are an expert in some hype technology, you can put yourself forward as a Labcamp Trainer and share your know-how with colleagues all over Reply. The opportunities are not finished: you can join the Reply Netcamps every quarter 250 Replyers join our topic driven event with selected dimes of innovation from all over the Reply community. Want more? Every year at the Reply Xchange, the biggest annual event in Reply, you’ll meet the strategy and discover the best ideas shared in the community, going deep in the most relevant and innovative topics and sharing the best Reply projects for our customers. All along the year, when a topic is wide and interesting for everyone we build a Reply Hackathon! A weekend every month dedicated to a 48-hours hacking-marathon in a beautiful location. It’s all about project execution in an international team. Work Hard, Play Hard. We’ve organized internal Hackathons since 2011, sometimes with customers, too. And every time we learn something new on Blockchain, Cyber Security, AI & Smart Machines, Wearable Devices, Machine Learning, Traffic Data, Proximity Commerce, Car HMI, Drones & Robotics, Telco, Open Hardware, Mobile, Cloud Computing, and so on.

Reply Challenges

A series of challenges created by Replyers and open to anyone who loves technology and online competitions. Reply Challenges are all about having fun, showing off your talent in Coding, Security, Creative and much more, to win some great prizes along the way. Visit to discover more and to register for the next Challenge!

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