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Sealed Air helps businesses succeed in a world of unprecedented resource challenges. We are a knowledge-based company, delivering outcomes that create outstanding value for our customers.

Industries around the world are at a turning point. Global megatrends such as population growth, urbanization, food, water, and energy scarcity, labor and skills
 – altro... shortages, and climate change are forcing companies to approach their business strategies in new ways. Meeting these growing resource challenges demands more than just sustainable solutions. It demands practical answers forged from deep experience, nimble application, and creative ingenuity that constantly Re-imagine™ the possibilities.

At Sealed Air, we partner with our customers to solve their most pressing resource challenges by delivering new solutions derived from our unmatched industry knowledge and expertise. These solutions create a more efficient, secure and less wasteful global food supply chain and enhance commerce through fulfillment and packaging solutions to protect the worldwide movement of goods.

With approximately $4.7 billion in annual revenue and ~15,500 employees serving customers in 123 countries, we help customers form new business models aimed at conserving their resources, lowering the costs of their operations, and reducing their carbon footprint. By blending our deep industry expertise, material science and equipment experience with growing digital technologies, we offer new value and perspective while delivering measurable results.

We no longer sell food packaging; we sell increased shelf life. This extended shelf life provides access to healthy food while reducing waste. This, in turn, contributes to increased food security and societal and environmental benefits. We no longer sell packaging to simply deliver goods. We sell product safety to help our customers reduce costs associated with damage, restocking, and reshipment. This helps reduce the environmental impacts of additional wasted energy and emissions.

By leveraging our unique industry expertise along with our demonstrated solutions, we work with customers around the world to help Re-imagine their businesses solutions and create innovative, sustainable strategies that result in superior, value-based outcomes.
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