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Snam is Europe’s leading gas utility. Founded in 1941 as “Società Nazionale Metanodotti”, it has been building and managing sustainable and technologically advanced infrastructure guaranteeing energy security for over 75 years. Snam operates in Italy and, through subsidiaries, in Albania (AGSCo), Austria (TAG and GCA), France(Teréga, Greece (DESFA) – altro... and the United Kingdom (Interconnector UK). It is one of the main shareholders of TAP (Trans Adriatic Pipeline) and is the company most involved in projects for the creation of the Energy Union.

First in Europe by transport network size (over 32,625 km in Italy, about 41,000 with international subsidiaries) and natural gas storage capacity (16.9 billion cubic meters in Italy, about 20 billion with international subsidiaries), Snam manages the first liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant built in Italy and is a shareholder of the country’s main terminal.

Snam’s business model is based on sustainable growth, transparency, nurturing talent, and development of local areas by dialoguing with communities. It fosters sustainable mobility, expands into energy efficiency, and invests in biomethane and innovative Technologies to increase the use of renewable gas, a key resource of the green economy.

With its more than 2,900 employees, Snam is a major player in Europe. Here the 2018 HR key facts:

Employees: 3,016

- men: 2,597 (86%)

- women: 419 (14%)

Education and professional qualification

- university graduates: 23%

- high school graduates: 57%

- other qualifications: 20%

People with permanent contract: 94%

Hours of training: 107.771

93% of employees take courses
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