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Recensioni dei dipendenti STEF - Firenze, Toscana

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Management accountant team is a group of determined, high potential guys working all time togheter. The work is coordinated by an expert responsable. Everyone works for one BI composed by many branches. To work in different filials permits to grow up quicly and get more experience. This role is created to be at side of Area Manager during the decision making process. Production of reports and analysis, comments about balance sheets and KPIs and salese/costs forecast. This figure develop strong communications skills for daily contact with all departments. A job very complex: it needs to be able to join all the informations for forecast the results of the comapany or to predict problems. It needs good abstraction skills to analyze same issue on different points of view. Very interesting job, it pushes to work without time limits, also in weekend.
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autonomy - indipendence
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work too much
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