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All about mathemathics. Co-workers are so friendly. Difficulity of the work is during festivals. Shift work. The enjoyable part of the work is during weekdays because there will be less customers and more time for us to relax.
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Awful place management are bullies

Bad management work you literally to death,you try so hard to just get on and do your job ,you work there for years with no thanks they always bring in stupid rules and regulations for daft reasons and then go back to the same way again.Management never listen to you make you feel like nothing telk you they will help you better yourself but it's all lies all out for themselves and will gladly throw you under the bus at the first opportunity.

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all the lovely colleagues and friends fkr life you will meet

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Management very clicky and vig bullying culture
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Not enough work/ or Overtime

Too little work and no overtime on engineer side ,shift pattern ends up being at home too much with no concept of any overtime. Days/shifts are not consistent and too short, but biggest problem is no overtime.

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not enough work
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I enjoyed my time at tesco

If on early start I would do the change run. Put floats in tills before start of day, sort cashiers tea breaks for the day. Make sure each change over of staff goes smoothley. Fill overtime for the week. Keep customers happy by solving problems. Call for help on checkouts when needed. I got on well with staff and customers. Met some lovely people. I like being around people. I worked flexable hours., Sometimes started at 5.30 In the morning. Also did evenings finishing at midnight. It had very busy times, but I enjoyed it.

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Free tea and coffee

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Awkward hours sometimes
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Its a nice job

But we didnt get to work because we have a class every friday.so that will make problem to the management.the management still need to be improved.there were very much problems that occurs. They need to rearrange the management n the system still outdated. Some of the old workers or seniors were cocky n snobbish

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No pros

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Short break, standing all day
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Good working condition

I really enjoyed the work, which was good challenges and experiences in the Tesco Korea office. Especially, it was coordinated with team colleagues to design and implement graphics with Tesco UK.

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Well fare for employees

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Long hours
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enjoyable for a time

i enjoyed working at tesco's for a long time, the company is secure and the pay is reasonable, however if your face doesnt fit progression through the company is very unlikely

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secure stable job

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entrenched management who look after those they like and no others
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