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Seria professionalità tutto ok ed efficace nulla da dire
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The grand stage of life

Military service offers the best launching platform for a future in the workforce. There's many different career types and a large list of overseas locations to choose from!

Aspetti positivi

Specialized training, travel, Long term friendships and networks
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Great job for those just out of high school

This was a great career for me. It pushed me to understand a lot about the government and leadership. This job taught me what kind of person I wanted to be.
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Great opportunities

The US Air Force provides individuals an opportunity to learn a plethora of skills based on strengths and weakness determined through testing. There are a lot of soft skills acquired as well such as team work, problem solving, critical thinking and communication to name a few. There are great benefits that come with being in the military

Aspetti positivi

Job growth and learning opportunities

Aspetti negativi

Being put into situations that can be life threatening
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Its the military

It is expat my like everyone expects. You fight for the freedom of others even when some don’t deserve it. It’s stressful and very hard to balance your personal life, family life, and job life.
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Overall Experience

About twenty percent the best time of my life and eighty percent the worst times. I wouldn't change it for anything. Quality of life in the U.S. Air Force is far better than other branches.
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Great place to start

Lots of great things like meeting new people and getting a professional experience. If you're ok with being able to be told you're deploying at a moments notice. Not great for family life.
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Collaborative and comfortable work environment

Busy and challenging work experience. Management was knowledgeable and supportive, the work with was rewarding and challenging in a fast paced environment. the most enjoyable part of the job was experiencing the positive impact psychotherapy services made with clientele.
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David Gonzalez

Age 23 New York, NY - Recently separated from the Air Force and moved to NYC in pursuit of higher education - 5 years experience as an avionics specialist in the Air Force. -Provided satisfactory customer service to military personnel on the flight line. - Oversaw safety of the avionics shop by updating and maintaining Air Force technical orders and manuals. - Primary Bench Stock Monitor for Aviano AB avionics back shop. Kept inventory and ordered consumable items such a screws, washers, and nuts.
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The best education i could have ever had

I was an Operations Specialist , and it gave me an opportunity to learn the structure and learn and refine my skill. It also what gave me a sense of comradery, which is helpful on understanding those around me and to work effectually with them.

Aspetti positivi

serving our country and friendship at the lowest or highest levels

Aspetti negativi

far from loved ones in an emergency
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Air Force

The military provides a great opportunity for young people. I needed it to develop a trade and learn the multiple facets of working with a team. People you meet will last a lifetime.

Aspetti positivi

Training, Travel, Education

Aspetti negativi

Hard on family life
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Exciting Work, can travel the world, learn a career

The Air Force was the best time of my life. I was on active duty for 12 years and learned 2 separate careers( AFSC 20772 and 55350. I had to adhere to rules of conduct. I received the Commendation Medal.
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A good place to find yourself or find what you want to do for a career.

Some people stay in for 20 years for the retirement even if they don't like it. Some people use it for free college tuiting using tuition assistance for four or six years and then get out. Others fall in between due to many different circumstances.
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It's the military, every workplace will be completely different. Even someone in the exact same career field as you will have a completely different experience than you did, based on co-workers and duty assignment.
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Job security

Enjoyable work and you get to meet so many people from all over the world and the United States. Good training available and advancement is possible for good employees.
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Blah blah blah

Its a great place to work! Great place for a start in any career! Let uncle sam tell you where to go! Learn things! Get paid to travel the world! Collect your PTSD and Disability and do not pass Go
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Civilian Child Care Assistant

Very stressful job but rewarding at times if employees are engaged in their positions. High turn over because at an overseas base people are always PCsing.
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High paced work environment, strong working culture

Working in the United States Air Force provided a wide variety of opportunities. The work is high paced, but the sense of family culture is second to none, and people are willing to assist. The benefits are great and tough to match. The work is challenging but rewarding.

Aspetti positivi

Benefits, compensation, progression

Aspetti negativi

work-life balance, lateral movements (not very flexible)
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S'all good

I fixed the radar, when it broke. Simple. Pay with your life, the duller the knife, the longer it takes. But now it's your turn, the ashes will burn, and wither away. Leaving your bones, out on the stones, picking them clean. Carving the truth, while harvesting you, to feed the machine.
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Good life

The military is hard but fun. You can travel the world meet new people. It teach you how to work at a fast past and think on the spot. plus on the job training.

Aspetti positivi

travel the world

Aspetti negativi

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Productive workplace and great facilities

I was stationed at Aviano Italy for 8 years and I enjoyed every moment of it. Working here allowed me to travel to many different countries and kept me involved with the community on a daily basis. It also kept me prepared for the civilian workforce as well.
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