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segretaria receptionist in questa località: Mondragone, Campania
in data 16 gennaio 2022
The best
No more words, relax, travel, team building. What a dream
Food Service Assistant in questa località: Provincia di Vicenza, Veneto
in data 3 marzo 2022
Incredible people
I absolutely live every single day of working for US Army. Not a day is the same but you have a great environment and great people to serve and /or work with..If I could I would work again for US Army.
Satellite Communications Technician in questa località: Provincia di Vicenza, Veneto
in data 18 gennaio 2022
Plenty of opportunity.
Provides you with the opportunity if your willing to work at it. The daily life depends on the job, your specialty, and your experience. The culture in the Army is great or terrible depending on you. It can be very fast passed and you may be separated from your family for extended amounts of time.
Infantryman in questa località: Vicenza, IT
in data 15 novembre 2021
The Army is different everywhere with every job but there is no perfect units
I am a 4 year now Veteran Airborne Infantryman that served in an Airborne unit overseas (OCONUS) and a non-airborne unit in the US (CONUS). The difference was extreme. Being overseas and in Airborne there was a much stronger sense of belonging and comradery. We were fit, disciplined and ready to work. The pros and cons are all unit dependent, the company beside us had bad leadership while we had great leadership. It switches when you get new leadership, things can get shaken up easily. When I came to my CONUS duty station things were abysmal at best. There was no sense of unit pride or belonging, soldiers were out of shape and not knowledgeable when it came to standards and training. Leadership showed favoritism towards those they liked and expected people to be on call for them 24/7 regardless of your personal situations. The pay can be good depending on your budgeting skills and whether or not you're married. Many of the Barracks facilities in the Army can be on the extremes between excellent and horrid. The job itself is a hard one, when you actually get to go and train. While in garrison (70 percent of the time) you will be doing menial or pointless tasks that give no sense of fulfillment. When you're in the field you will get to actually do your job but will be working long hours and waking up super early. Be ready for last min changes in the field and in garrison. If I could do it all over again I would because of the great friends I made along the way, some of the things I got to do and the financial stability it offers. I wont miss the early formations, bad leadership, long hours and bad work environment.
Executive Officer in questa località: Provincia di Vicenza, Veneto
in data 24 settembre 2021
Challenging and great place to work
I had 5 roles I played on a daily basis for over 3 years. Loved the challenges daily and mentoring and managing my troops. Worked with battalion staff on a daily basis.

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