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No more words, relax, travel, team building. What a dream
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Incredible people

I absolutely live every single day of working for US Army. Not a day is the same but you have a great environment and great people to serve and /or work with..If I could I would work again for US Army.
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Plenty of opportunity.

Provides you with the opportunity if your willing to work at it. The daily life depends on the job, your specialty, and your experience. The culture in the Army is great or terrible depending on you. It can be very fast passed and you may be separated from your family for extended amounts of time.

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30 days leave a year

Aspetti negativi

work/life balance
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The Army is different everywhere with every job but there is no perfect units

I am a 4 year now Veteran Airborne Infantryman that served in an Airborne unit overseas (OCONUS) and a non-airborne unit in the US (CONUS). The difference was extreme. Being overseas and in Airborne there was a much stronger sense of belonging and comradery. We were fit, disciplined and ready to work. The pros and cons are all unit dependent, the company beside us had bad leadership while we had great leadership. It switches when you get new leadership, things can get shaken up easily. When I came to my CONUS duty station things were abysmal at best. There was no sense of unit pride or belonging, soldiers were out of shape and not knowledgeable when it came to standards and training. Leadership showed favoritism towards those they liked and expected people to be on call for them 24/7 regardless of your personal situations. The pay can be good depending on your budgeting skills and whether or not you're married. Many of the Barracks facilities in the Army can be on the extremes between excellent and horrid. The job itself is a hard one, when you actually get to go and train. While in garrison (70 percent of the time) you will be doing menial or pointless tasks that give no sense of fulfillment. When you're in the field you will get to actually do your job but will be working long hours and waking up super early. Be ready for last min changes in the field and in garrison. If I could do it all over again I would because of the great friends I made along the way, some of the things I got to do and the financial stability it offers. I wont miss the early formations, bad leadership, - 

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Tons of benefits and programs to take advantage of, great job security, good opportunity for leave time, get to do some cool stuff, free healthcare

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long hours, bad leadership, no sense of fulfillment, tons of last min changes, stressful for no reason
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Challenging and great place to work

I had 5 roles I played on a daily basis for over 3 years. Loved the challenges daily and mentoring and managing my troops. Worked with battalion staff on a daily basis.

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Long days
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Great Benefits, Horrible Bureaucracy

Can't beat the benefits for the effort you put in. Guaranteed promotions and quality of life initiatives keep off-duty time satisfactory. Long hours and sometimes incompetent leadership can make life miserable at times.
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My Career

Being a part of the Army has been hobby, passion, and career for over 30 years; but that was not my original intention. Retiring from the Army was not my goal, when I enlisted or when commissioned as an officer. Goal was to gain experience, serve, and explore. That changed as I learned about the Army and myself. Within a few years, I realized the Army as my first best destiny; and, so I stayed. When I thought of leaving, somehow the Army would find something higher, more difficult, and more rewarding. I recommend it to anyonw.
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I was a volunteer

Great experience! Awesome people to volunteer for. People who are willing to teach the whole time, great support, and encouragement. I highly recommend and army facility.
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Bad Management

The general manager was difficult to get along with. The hours were very boring for the most part. I did enjoy my co-workers though and I learned a lot about the gym in the process.
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Adaptive, unique, and evolving today's force

Everyday is a guessing game, no two days are the same. Everything is evolving which leads to an adaptive force that is able to accomplish any mission with short time restrictions.
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Love the us military no job is better. Always motivation and wellness of the entire group. Always clear understanding of what’s going on and safety is a must.

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Aspetti negativi

Time away from family
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got to live in Italy

it is what you make of it keep a positive attitude and you will be fine.loved traveling to different countries to train and also too enjoy the time there.
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Some of the best guys I ever met

I was an airborne infantryman in the 2/503 173rd ABCT and I have to say I was in the best paratrooper unit the Army has. I go to sleep at night knowing that my battalion is preparing for something we pray never happens. The tight knit relationship I have with those guys is something I have yet to find elsewhere. If you are reading this trying to decide whether it sign or not, you have more balls than you think.
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US Army, Paratrooper - Light Wheeled Mechanic

In my job I work on wheeled vehicles ranging from a Humvee to larger 4 to 5 ton vehicles that operate on Deasil fuel. In my job, it requires patience, leadership, flexibility, team work and coordination. We manage day to day task via a planner on what trucks that either need to be serviced or fixed due to faults in the system. A normal work day starts at 0600 hours to 2000 hours or 2100 hours. However, the comradery made boost moral and an overall team effort to make the company function at a high rate. Every thing is fast pace so thinking is vital to the effort of the missions success.
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Great way to start in life

I owe the United States Army EVERYTHING. Having no clear path in life, i chose the army and joint to get out. 16 years later I am very thankful that I have been given this opportunity. Love the travel and the experience, and the ARMY will always push you.
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Great Co-workers and professional

The U.S. Army is a great organization with lots of room for growth and development within your place of work. The options are limitless, you are the deciding factor on where and how far your career goes in the U.S. Army. Amazing experience, no regrets.
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Very rewarding job with great benefits. Working overseas was a great experience especially working with foreign militaries. Would highly recommend for anyone.
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Not bad based on rank

Great experience loved the army, taught many characteristics and really shaped people into new people, taught me many traits and most importantly taught me to lead due to the fact I was low rank given a high title with lots of responsibilities.
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A typical day at work is helping Soldiers with travel and Budget. Management cares about the staff and the culture is very unique. The hardest part of this job is working with soldier in differenet locations. Its easier to have them closer to help out.
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Make a difference

The Army is an excellent place to feel like you're making a difference in the world. It's not for everybody. Life is hard, days are long, family time can be scarce. It's a great place to start your working life and gain the skills and work habits to make you successful later on.
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Extremely poor leadership

Most civilian managers used to be leaders in the Army. The Army is the largest uniformed service that also recruits to meet its quotas...which means that they will be more than happy to take the bottom of the barrel. Most civilian and military managers in the Army need extensive training or be removed.
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