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General Management

We are an international team of founders and leaders responsible to bring our mission to life: To inspire and make every home a beautiful home. We are building an international home & living eCommerce company, and we will not rest to push Westwing forward to ever greater results.

Our Office

Germany is the place where Westwing was initially founded in 2011. By now, more than 400 people work at our headquarter in Munich.

Dogs at Westwing

We dogs love Westwing because our humans are allowed (and encouraged) to bring us to work. They are all pretty crazy for us doggies and we get tons of belly rubs! In return, we offer creative support and lots of love. But that’s not all – we know that our humans can get stressed out at work from time to time. Then it’s our job to keep spirits high! How? Just like any good doggo does it – look at them with big puppy eyes until they feel the good vibes.

Inspiration every day!

As it is all about inspiration at Westwing, our spot is a little tribute to this exciting word. What does inspiration actually mean? Where does it come from? See yourself and get inspired.

Tutto su Westwing Home & Living GmbH

The Westwing mission is to inspire and make every home a beautiful home. We are on a quest to bring the wonders of eCommerce for home & living to our more than 30 million members in 14 countries on three continents. In less than 6 years on the market, we have grown to more than 250 million Euros in annual sales, and the opportunity ahead of us is massive.

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