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Ambiente dinamico e internazionale. Ottimo equilibrio vita professional/vita privata.
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Lots of learning and field exposure. Lack of direction and sometimes toxic management.

One of the most important humanitarian organizations with a strong footprint, excellent supply chain and delivery capacity.The work is demanding and work-life balance may be difficult to achieve. Sometimes it lacks direction and management is not always available to support.The teams are diverse, and the overall spirit is collaborative, results driven, hard working and committed. The mandate and the diversity of backgrounds and skills make it a very dynamic organization where you can learn a lot.
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Assisting almost 100 million people in around 83 countries each year, the World Food Programme (WFP) is the leading humanitarian organization saving lives and changing lives, delivering food assistance in emergencies and working with communities to improve nutrition and build resilience. It's a nice place to work if you are a fast worker. It begins with team meeting and sometimes have deadlines.
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Excellent Organization!

I worked there as an intern for 4 months and was the most amazing experience. People there have a different chip, they do love what they do and their positivism is amazing! Lots of challenges, people in the operations have obviously a different view/opinion/salary/compensation.
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ambiente lavorativo internazionale, dinamico e flessibile

Organizzazione umanitaria internazionale, ricca di idee nuove e sempre pronta al cambiamento. Ottime possibilita' di crescita.
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Ambiente internazionale e intellettualmente stimolante molto stimolante

Lavorare in World Food Program e contribuire al raggiungimento dell' ambizioso obiettivo: " Zero Hunger by 2030", ha rappresentato una delle esperienze professionali più complete e arricchenti del mio percorso lavorativo.
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Great mission

The World Food Programme's mission slogan is "saving lives, changing lives". Its employees are driven to serve the mission purpose. It strives to serve vulnerable people around the world in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goal around world hunger. Serving the mission comes at a cost of having to work in a bureaucracy with often little information and direction given. It is a place suited for people driven to shape their work and get at results within the confines of a bureaucracy and limited provision of information and context.
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Esperienza fantastica

Tirocinio stimolante in un ambiente internazionale e dinamico
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WFP est une organisation très professionnelle en terme de logistique et Supply chain. Celle-ci offre de grandes possibilités de développement.
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Esperienza di alto valore etico e formativo

Ambiente internazionale dove valori etici, obiettivi umanitari e alte competenze professionali e manageriali si fondono perfettamente
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Lack of direction

The team I was on had no leader for quite some time. So after the manager left I was given tasks outside my job description and things I had never don before.

Aspetti positivi

Potentially a lot to offer

Aspetti negativi

Bogged down in bureaucracy, lack of focus on the people who need to be helped in the field.
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Diverse and great place to learn from

The diversity of backgrounds that the employees at WFP come from, all working together in one environment in an ancient city like Rome is inspiring. All reunited to help the situation of food deprivation and hunger around the world makes working in this company purposeful and satisfying.
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Ambiente stimolante

Lavoro di gruppo e risoluzione di problemi immediata. Tutti molto gentili e disponibili, ambiente molto stimolante e dinamico. Ho avuto la possibilità di relazionarmi con gente di livello e imparare ad esporre i miei pensieri correttamente, sia in italiano che in inglese.
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Engineering/administrative functions

It was a privilege to work in a United Nations organization like World Food Programme. The mandate of the Organization which is to help the poor made me aware of the plight of other human beings across the Globe.
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Un lavoro di impatto, carico di valore umano e professionale

Ambiente veramente internazionale e rispettoso di ogni cultura, religione, costume. A livello lavorativo, grande impatto sia umano che professionale. Le forme contrattualistiche non sono ideali, seppur gli stipendi siano abbastanza piu' alti della media. Difficile far carriera.
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Environnement de travail agreable

very challenging however a conducive please for professional growth
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Humanitarian assistance to needy people

Though challenging in some circumstances working for World Food Programme was very beneficial to me as I could interact with many colleagues from various and different cultures. Thanks to this job, I traveled around the world, gained a broader perspective on human relations and sharpened my adaptability/flexibility skills. One of the most enjoyable parts of the job with World Food Program, was to realize at which extent I could be able to help other people ( I did not know before) in a dire food security situation as a result of natural or man-made disasters.

Aspetti positivi

Free international travels and assistance to food insecure people

Aspetti negativi

Working sometimes in hardship locations
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An organization providing necessary humanitarian and development aid

This organization provides necessary humanitarian and development aid and is a great working environment for those who enjoy working at a fast pace for a great cause.
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International and dynamic workplace

WFP is a dynamic and international workplace where people from all over the world come together in the effort to end world hunger. It was a wonderful experience and personally I was led by an exceptional manager.

Aspetti positivi

benefits, fair leave

Aspetti negativi

no maternity if you do not have a certain type of contract
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Disappointing about workplace bullying

There are so many wonderful employees in this organization, and they are doing outstanding work. It is so disappointing that the workplace culture in the infrastructure office of the headquarters is toxic beyond belief. Some bullies make life difficult for everyone else. I would never ever want to work in that office again no matter how much I was paid. The African staff are wonderful and they deserve to be supported by better management.

Aspetti positivi

Staff gym, staff cafeteria, coffee machines, library

Aspetti negativi

Workplace culture
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WFP provides an international work environment with inspiring mission

Every organization has its culture that is associated with pros and cons. Despite challenges, it is my privileged to work for WFP which fights to end world hunger.

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Inspiring mission

Aspetti negativi

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