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Principal Solution Architect - job post

Neurons Lab

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  • Part-time

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About the project

The Principal Solution Architect is a pivotal role within the AI Engineering team at Neurons Lab. This role encompasses a variety of responsibilities aimed at supporting the presale process, developing AWS partnerships, creating reusable artifacts and cloud offerings, participating in customer project delivery, and participating in the hiring process for Cloud Engineers and Solution Architects.


That is potentially a full-time position. We will start with 0.5 FTE during the 2-month approbation period.

Areas of Responsibility

  • Support Presale Process:

    • Act as the Solution Architect during the presale phase.

    • Elicit requirements to ensure comprehensive understanding of project needs.

    • Estimate project scope, terms, team composition, and costs.

    • Design preliminary solution architectures tailored to client needs.

    • Present and pitch the technical components of proposals to customers.

    • Prepare and deliver demos to bolster proposals.

    • Create AWS funding artefacts.

  • AWS Partnership Development:

    • Strive to achieve new AWS Competencies and recognitions.

    • Participate in AWS technical enablement programs for Neurons Lab.

    • Work towards attaining AWS Premier Tier partner recognition.

    • Maintain AWS Well-Architected partner status to offer additional benefits to customers.

    • Build new services for customers like managed services, cloud reseller, cost optimisation offering, cloud migration offering, etc.

  • Reusable Artefacts and Cloud Offering Development:

    • Develop reusable demos to support the presale process.

    • Create artefacts that expedite and standardize the development process for project teams.

  • Participation in Customer Project Delivery:

    • Engage actively in the delivery of customer projects, ensuring technical excellence and adherence to best practices.

    • Well-Architected review

  • Hiring Process Participation:

    • Participate in the hiring process for Cloud Engineers and Solution Architects.

    • Conduct interviews, evaluate candidates, and contribute to the selection of top talent for the team.


  • Hands-on Experience:

    • Deep understanding of AWS services, architecture, and best practices.

    • Ability to design and implement scalable, secure, and cost-effective solutions on AWS.

    • Hands-on experience in delivering customer projects with a focus on technical excellence.

    • Proficiency in programming languages, particularly Python. Knowledge of JavaScript is a plus.

    • Strong experience with Infrastructure as Code: AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK). Knowledge of AWS CloudFormation and other infrastructure-as-code tools.

    • Ability to implement and manage infrastructure through code to ensure consistency and repeatability.

    • Ability to create quick prototype of the solution to prove hypothesis

  • Solution Architecture:

    • Strong background in designing and architecting complex technical solutions.

    • Experience in creating preliminary solution architectures and technical proposals.

    • Ability to articulate and pitch technical solutions to customers effectively.

    • Experience in utilizing AWS programs to provide additional benefits to customers.

    • Strong relationship-building skills to foster partnerships with AWS and other stakeholders.

  • Technical Leadership:

    • Experience in leading and mentoring technical teams.

    • Strong problem-solving skills and ability to guide teams through technical challenges.

    • Ability to develop reusable artefacts and demos to support the presale process.

    • Experience in standardizing and accelerating the development process for project teams.

    • Strong focus on innovation and continuous improvement.

    • Ability to ensure adherence to best practices and project requirements.

    • Strong collaboration and communication skills to work effectively with cross-functional teams.

  • Presales Support:

    • Experience in supporting the presale process, including requirements elicitation and project estimation.

    • Ability to prepare and deliver compelling demos and technical presentations.

    • Strong understanding of customer needs and ability to tailor solutions accordingly.

  • Hiring and Talent Development:

    • Experience in participating in the hiring process for technical roles, particularly Cloud Engineers and Solution Architects.

    • Ability to evaluate candidates’ technical skills and cultural fit.

    • Strong focus on building and nurturing high-performing teams.


  • Proficiency in using AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) and AWS CloudFormation for infrastructure as code.

  • Understanding of microservices architecture, serverless computing, and containerization (e.g., Docker, Kubernetes).

  • Relevant AWS certifications (e.g., AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional, AWS Certified DevOps Engineer) are highly desirable.


  • Proven track record in engaging with clients to understand their business needs and translating those needs into technical solutions.

  • Previous involvement in achieving AWS Competencies and contributing to the growth of an organization's AWS partnership status.

  • Experience in developing innovative solutions and reusable artefacts that accelerate project delivery and standardize development processes.

  • Proven ability to create and implement demo solutions that support presales activities and client proposals.

Terms & conditions

  • Start date: 01.07.2024

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